Remote Recording

Nick also offers a remote recording service from his home studio set up in North London providing high quality bespoke drum tracks for composers, producers and musicians worldwide.

Nick is delighted to play Yamaha Drums (Maple and 9000 Recording Customs) and Sabian Cymbals (HHX, HH, Legacy and Artisan), and is pleased to offer a wide variety of sounds from a vast collection of Snare Drums and Cymbals in order to meet the required musical needs and to achieve the best sound for the music and your composition, arrangement or project.

“I have played with Nick many times in many different musical situations. His knowledge and versatility on the drum kit makes him one of my favourite drummers to play with. He is able to give the music exactly what it needs with great taste, feel and sound. Equally in his home studio space, you can always rely on great sounding drums, professionally recorded and delivered without any hassle”. (Jordy Rowlands – Guitarist and Composer)

Please see below for a selection of compositions, arrangements and covers that have been recorded in Nick’s home studio for various previous clients for both commercial, demo and library usage. Please get in touch for all recording enquires to discuss your project…


Swinging Brushes for a track that I recorded in my home studio for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at Theatre Royal St Helens, December 2020/January 2021 production. Arrangement by Callum Clarke. Enjoy!
Another funky track for the Theatre Royal St Helens 2020/21 Pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast’!…=873622745
A funky composition by Tom Knowles for a podcast jingle (’99 Problems). Minimal EQ and open drum and cymbal sounds… Featuring Tom Knowles (Keys) and James Dibble (Bass).
This track was recorded in my home studio as part of a virtual choir project for Marcus Alleyne (Conductor, Musical Director and Choir Leader). ‘You Will Be Found’ from the hit musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ also featuring Gary Hawkins (Piano), Jack Tustin (Bass), Jack Pennifold and Nick Fitch (Guitars) and Corey Wickens (Violin).
A demo for an original composition by my friend, colleague, Guitarist and composer Jordy Rowlands recorded in the home studio.
Recorded during the second national lockdown in November 2020 in the comfort of our home studios…feat. my friend and colleague Jack Tustin (Bass). A Laurence Cottle Big Band composition and arrangement brought to the surface by the fantastic Darren Williams via his ‘The Ultimate Big Band’ project. Check it out…Enjoy!
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