Study with Nick

Nick is pleased to offer one to one drum kit lessons to people of all ages, beginners too advanced. Lessons are taught on a one to one basis in Haringey. 

LESSON FEES AND LOCATION: Lessons are tailored to each individual, and are taught with a relaxed and simple approach to playing the drums 

ZOOM/Skype lessons are also available.

“My daughter started with Nick at Grade 3 and has been successfully completing her practical exams through Nick’s guidance – he has motivated and encouraged her to perform to the best of her ability. She is currently completing her Grade 7 and although the pieces are getting harder, Nick makes her work efficiently and critiques her performances by providing a summery of what went well and what she needs to improve on during the course of her week. He emails me her homework and the content of the lesson alongside other external materials relating to her course to broaden her musical knowledge. He is very passionate about music. Nick is one of the best drum teacher’s I have ever had”. Brigitte (Parent)
“Nick’s lessons are well balanced, enjoyable and develop skills across a range of styles, whilst following a graded syllabus. My son has also had opportunities to sit in with nick whilst he has performed with different bands and shows. A detailed practise requirement, before the next lesson is sent to myself and my son via email which has helped organise practise at home. Nick is very professional and always approachable. He always has a CD for my son to listen to which helps him understand the style of music that he is playing. Nick always encourages my son to do his best”. Kajal (Parent)
“I find my lessons with nick are always fun and informative. His lessons have not only taught me how to play the drums but also the history behind drumming and music in general. This helps, when I play with my bands and my understanding of what I am playing. I look forward to my weekly lessons with Nick. I also feel that Nick is very approachable and I feel comfortable asking him any drum related questions”. Kyal (Student)
“I enjoy my lessons with Nick and learn allot in class where I make good progress. Nick gives me a sufficient amount of information, instructions, advice and material to work with”. Vibishan (Student)

If you are interested in having lessons with Nick,  please get in touch for more information, rates and availability…

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